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About ASSI.elearnspine.org


ASSI plans to come out with elearnspine.org. It will be more or less on lines of elearnsci.org. We suggested two versions for elearnspine.org – one for spine experts and the other for consumers.

The aim of this project is to develop a web-based teaching and educational resource which will up-skill and educate those responsible for patient management and which will ultimately lead to improvements in the care and management of people with Spinal ailments around the world.

For elearnspine.org, we are trying to come out with guidelines for authors for each sub-module. We will need to mention in these guidelines, the maximum number of slides that could be there in each presentation as well as the number of activity based learning exercises and self-assessment questions. We also need this figure to have a quote from the prospective companies which will create the web platform and run it.

This project will:
Support the development of content for the educational resource and web based learning modules.

Support the development of the website and interface for the e-learning resource. Enable roll out, implementation and monitoring of the e-learning resource.

Each sub-module covers a specific
component of ASSI management and includes
Learning Excercises

Modules and content

The comprehensive e-learning resource will comprise 10 professional and 7 consumers modules:

Content development

Sub-committees will be formed to comprise content experts within each module/sub-module. Each sub-committee will need to:

Define learning objectives and expected outcomes for module/ sub-module. Develop a presentation to provide an overview of the sub-module.

Develop a range of activity based learning scenarios and exercises utilising case studies, voice overlay, open-ended questions, quizzes, drop and drag activities, video and pictures as and where appropriate.

Develop a 10 minute activity based learning to test users’ knowledge at the end of each sub-module.

Devise a reference list for further reading and related information (ideally available through an online link).

Content of Presentations

The core modules will contain a series of sub-modules. The number of slides per presentation and the number of activity based learning exercises and self-assessment questions foreseen for each sub-module are as below:

Each sub-module – 40 slides
Each activity based learning exercise – 10 exercises
Each self-assessment – 10 questions

In addition, we also propose to have the following for each consumer sub-module:

FAQ section: 10 questions
Busting Myths about Spine: 5 slides


To be the leading organization to support the spine surgeons (orthopedic surgeons or neuro surgeons practicing spine surgery and dedicated spine surgeons) and promote healthcare service delivery to the community with spinal ailments. ASSI aims to become the most preferred organization for training, research, community outreach, academics, comprehensive care and treatment of spinal disorders to advance the well being of the people of India and beyond. ASSI strives to be an association which would drive and execute policies, programs and strategies to treat and prevent spine related issues & problems in Indian subcontinent and across the globe.


The purpose of the ASSI is to provide a learning environment in which spine surgeons (orthopedic surgeons or neuro surgeons practicing spine surgery and dedicated spine surgeons), faculty, fellows and residents can discover, examine critically, preserve and transmit knowledge, wisdom and values related with spinal ailments that will ensure the betterment of the current and future generations and improve the quality of life for all. The organization seeks to help the young spine surgeons to develop an understanding and appreciation for the complexities of spinal ailments and realize the highest potential of intellectual, physical, professional, ethical, surgical and human development. The organization also aims to be the medium for professional education by promoting lifelong learning and developing the art of spinal education.